American Realism

There have been a focus on America in several of the ss 12 collection, for instance the Prada collection, Miuccia Prada have not confirmed so, but I easily get associations to the movie Grease, and 1950s diners. However, I find another aspect of America just as interesting: American realism. I know that not all of these pictures represent it as good as the contemporary American realist painter, John Nava, but to me, it´s mostly about a certain feeling. American culture is very influential in Europe, not just talking about Hollywood, Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga, but thanks to MTV (and others) "white trash" is a common expression and the style can be observed in many places outside of the US. According to Wikipedia "In common usage "white trash" overlaps in meaning with cracker (regarding Georgia and Florida), hillbilly (regarding Appalachia), Okie (regarding Oklahoma origins), and redneck.[3] The main difference is that "redneck," "cracker", "Okie", and "hillbilly" emphasize that a person is poor and uneducated and comes from the backwoods with little awareness of the modern world, while "white trash" emphasizes the person's moral failings." One should never call another human trash, but I am fascinated by the "white trash" style, and the more realistic image of parts of America I´ve never visited. Is "white trash" the opposite of the so-called contemporary Hollywood glamour, or is it merely two sides of the same case, I wonder. I think the style in all the pictures above is nice and interesting, and I guess they don´t have much to do with white trash.


  1. i looove the pictures. but i have to admit, when i think of white trash i think of skanky girls who shows too much skin, lying in the streets in their own vomit.
    i'm norwegian so i think i may have my own perception on what white trash is. none of these are what i see as white trash. i havent thought of it as a fashion-movement of some kind.. interesting!

    congrats, you are the only one i'm following.


Thank you for your comment.