the feeling of Thursday on Sunday

Video by Sufjan Stevens, Check out the band Philco Fictions new release "Take It Personal" - I´m in love with it, Givenchy cap, reflective jacket by Stone Island, amazing Hermes scarf, Christopher Kane t-shirt available on, Hermes notebook for all your sketches and poems and song lyrics, Converse on fire and a nice Mulberry check scarf.


  1. Fantastic print - the hermes scarf is gorgeous x

  2. the balloons are just fabulous! Hermes notebook is so flashy, like it!

    thanks for the comment, i'm your new follower :D

  3. I really like ur blog! nice vibes here!! Greta Work!!

    pls follow me! I will deff Follow BaCK!

  4. Love the scarf!!
    Nice blog :)


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