Salvation Mountain/2003 Revisited

A cool and inspiring fall fashion: Perry Ogden "Salvation Mountain" L´uomo Vogue, November 2003.

A Place I´d really like to visit: Salvation Mountain, CA, US.

A movie I recommend: Into The Wild (2007).



Revisited: L´uomo Vogue December, 2003, photos by Tim Walker, Cerutti 1881, and Tom Munro - sketches by me.

Helmut Lang autumn/winter collection 2003, I am still obsessed with this collection (the wife beaters are from ss04). I remember I saw some of the key pieces of the collection at Peek & Cloppenburg in Berlin, lying on a light box table. I still wish I had bought something, on the other hand, the prices shocked my teenage self to the core, so  I picked up a pair of Paul Smith Red Ear high tops instead and called it a day. The memory of this collection, and being able to see and touch the real garments made me understand for the first time that avant garde fashion is not just an idea, but also something which can translate into reality, and enrich it.
I think incidents like that influence personal taste.

In terms of all this, I think 2003 is still fashionable. And God is love. 


  1. I love all the knitted stuff in the photos above. Thanks for sharing the images and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  2. Aw thanks!
    Yeah. I think 2003 is stil fashionable. If it looks like this.

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  4. agree! i have yet to see something hideous avant garde. it's amazing, it's art. sadly in norway there are not many who have seen the beauty of avant garde. hopefully one day, more people will see beyond the H&M catalogue.

    ps; elsker headeren din.

  5. Emile Hirsch, L'Uomo Vogue, Helmut Lang and 2003?! This is my kind of blog. But seriously. Revisiting stuff you loved the first time around is absolutely heart-filling and awesome.

    love the blog, following.

    jo from

  6. Amazing blog I really like it and this post is awesomely interesting!

  7. That Into the wild is absolutely great movie!

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